The use of software-intensive electronic controls in passenger and other road vehicles is rapidly evolving from a configuration of individual components to a system of systems with complex interactions and interdependencies. CSL understands that sources of safety risk associated with these technical advances is not limited to the failure of individual components but may also arise from unforeseen interactions between “correct” behaviors of individual components.

CSL was a member of international working group ISO TC22/SC3/WG16 that developed ISO 26262 (Road Vehicles – Functional Safety). Since 2006, CSL has worked closely with one of the world’s largest automakers contributing to the development of safety concepts for very advanced software-intensive systems for autonomous vehicles that control braking, propulsion and steering that be will incorporated into production vehicles over the next decade. J. Joyce of CSL is one of the inventors named in the following US Patents:US 8618922 – “Method and system for ensuring operation of limited-ability autonomous driving vehicles”US 9244460 – “Methods and apparatus for isolating safety functions in a motion control system for a vehicle” US 9740178 – “Primary controller designation in fault tolerent systems”

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